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Who We are

Emaaki’s first stitch was drawn in a little island that promotes a rich culture; a muse to fashion with unforgettable experiences with every bend and hill is what inspires us, needless to say that “Made in Sri Lanka '' is something we like to brag about.

Backed by two strong independent women motivated by their island and culture. We aim to promote a quality addition to people’s lifestyle with beauty and comfort embedded in each of our exclusive pieces. The process for creating our clothing does not only include technical and physical caring, but is delicately brought to life with a little bit of heritage fusioned with contemporary style. Fresh material dyed with rays of vibrant colours unveiling playfulness. Patterns with precise and unique cuts that promote understated elegance. Faith is instilled in every thread brought to curate an unique end piece that will be nothing short of comfortable and desirable. Striving to create a garment that will make you feel confident and exclusive.

What We Do


We are driven to bestow confident and exclusive fashion around the globe. We strive to empower women to not only look and feel beautiful in the clothing they wear but to be motivated to bring out the best version of themselves in their Emaaki garment. Our aim is to be a global leader in exclusive ladies fashion wear with each Emaaki piece truly resonating with the Emaaki Women..

We promote a personal interest in what every customer achieves in Emaaki Wear. Pledging to give our 100% to sustainable fashion, along with being a responsible corporate citizen to our customers, employees and society as a whole.


The fashion industry is constantly evolving and changing, with old trends coming back and new trends paving its path on the runway. Our aim is to have unique pieces that not only play to these trends but that can tirelessly be worn by our Emaaki women without it ever falling out of fashion.

With this in mind we make it essential to promote sustainability with each trend that makes its mark. We discourage over-consumption, and introduce collections that have a few exclusive garments that are of high-quality and comfort. Assuring you that your Emaaki wear will be a part of the long and trendy ramp you have ahead!

Get In Touch

Emaaki guarantees to provide women with the most exclusive and high quality pieces. Helping you look chic and be nothing short of comfortable and confident is our goal. Emaaki Women are there for each other. If we haven’t answered your question through our FAQ’s section, please get in touch with us below for further inquiries about our products or your purchase.

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