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Can you remember the first day you learned what a dress code was? No?

Though the first moment is insignificant in our memories, a dress code has been holding our hands throughout life. Beginning from the first friend’s birthday party you attended, to a recital your siblings took part in or just a fun day out. One of the few things you are taught from a young age is what dress code each occasion of your life requires. Though dress codes were originally brought into existence for a particular reason, in today’s day it's simply a standard developed by companies and wild “themed” party enthusiasts to provide guidance in what is said to be appropriate to wear for each occasion. 

We have a range of dress codes we familiarize with, that includes formal to casual wear, it is what comes in between that starts the panic in your heart. If you have ever skipped a beat when you read the word smart casual on your invites, then we are here to shed some much-needed light on the ambiguous attire. Whether it's to adhere to a guideline or if you are just looking for some fun outfit inspiration, we’ve got you covered. 

Smart Casual is often misunderstood, most women believe that a shirt and a pencil skirt is what the term implies, but Smart Casual is all about balance. It is important for you to look elegant but at the same time feel absolutely comfortable in what you wear. For a better understanding, we’d say that smart casual is all about promoting a relaxing vibe but with a touch of class. No matter the occasion smart casual is a dress code you can get away with if you use your wardrobe right.

There are plenty of fun outfits you can play around with. Having some fun pieces you can mix and match is essential! For instance, pairing a bold clean cut linen pant with a simple tee or filling your wardrobe up with a few classic pieces such as an elegant linen jumpsuit or plain linen dress. These outfits accessorised correctly to match your occasion is all you need to cross off the smart casual requirement and look fabulous doing it.

So make sure to fill your wardrobe up with a few exclusive and timeless casual pieces to perfect any look and occasion!
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