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Here’s a guide to help you understand the basic do’s and don'ts in fashion. 

Before we jump into the do’s and don’ts, it is necessary to understand that no matter the fashion tips and tricks, being comfortable in what you wear is essential. The first step is to understand yourself, and know what type of clothing complements your body while accenting your best features. Second is to understand your objective and create your own unique style. 

We hope these basic do’s and don’ts will balance well with the answers you found out in the first paragraph. 


  • The best way to find your muse in fashion, is to try new trends and styles, You will not identify what works for you without a bit of risk taking. Our recommendation is to try explore, till you find the style that works for you.
  • Having a versatile wardrobe can do wonders! Don’t be shy to add in just one or two pieces each collection to your wardrobe. Make sure that your wardrobe includes a few neutrals along with a few colourful options as well.
  • A few classic linen pieces are a must! Elegant and with the right accessories, it can be perfected for any occasion. 
  • Hold on to a few outdated pieces, trends usually circle back around.
  • Don’ts

  • Don’t be influenced and pressured into wearing an outfit that you are not comfortable in, just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean it has to work for you. 
  • Mixing pieces from two different seasons can go wrong! Try and avoid this as much as you can.
  • Over accessorising is not cute. Keeping it simple can also make a bold statement. 
  • Wearing too many different colored pieces is not recommended!
  • Hope these few tips will help you through your fashion journey. However, you should always remember if you have a unique style that might not fall into the norms of the current cute and trending, we encourage you to be true to yourself, and work those unique outfits you got confidently! You go girl!

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